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Bluemetrix & BMC Software: Delivering Intelligent DataOps Automation
How to Deliver Digital Transformation with Intelligent DataOps
With 60%+ of data requests failing due to insufficient data procedures, how might this impact your digital transformation project?

Bluemetrix, together with BMC Software, delivers an intelligent data operations solution that addresses your organisation's data procedure requirements to ingest, govern, mask, transform, and deliver production-ready data to your business.

Join us for our webinar to learn how to deliver clean, accurate, and governed data to your business users when they need it.

In 45mins, we cover the following topics:

- The challenges of production-ready data at speed
- How to deliver clean, accurate and governed data for analytics
- Incorporating anonymisation with masking and encryption into DataOps
- Ensuring data governance procedures are applied to data processing
- Driving digital transformation with Intelligent Dataops
- Bluemetrix and BMC Software Solution
- Q&A with BMC DataOps Experts

We look forward to having you join us!

Jun 3, 2020 11:00 AM in Dublin

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Richard Fox
Commercial Director @Bluemetrix
Richard joins Bluemetrix as a Commercial Director with responsibility for the go-to-market strategy for BDM Control, our break-through data processing application. With over 20 years working for organisations such as Gateway, BT, Oracle and Cloudera, in both Ireland and England Richard brings a wealth of experience to our start-up family.
Leonardo Dias
Senior Principal Architect @Bluemetrix
Leonardo is an IT professional with over 16 years of experience in IT, specializing in Linux and Unix systems. Leonardo has been working with Big Data Technologies since 2013 being responsible for designing and incorporating enterprise-level Big Data Solutions into new and existing customers.
Neil Cullum
Senior Software Consultant @BMC Software
Workload Automation Orchestration Specialist UK based